Door Pal - A New Mobility Aid

At Mobility Life we specialize in wheelchair repair, scooter repair, and in general medical equipment repair. In the years I've spent going into peoples homes and fixing their equipment, I've noticed that homes are not thought out for accessibility. One major area of concern that I noticed was when people would exit through doors. There's no good way to close them without the need of turning around or trying to grab the door in an awkward way.

That is why we created a product called Door Pal. It attaches to the existing door hardware in minutes and adds an elastic band to the door without any modifications. I am looking for people to try out our product as it is still in its early stages of sales. I've shown the product off to my customers and they really like it. They have even come back to me and asked for more of them to attach them to more doors in their home.

If you would like to check it out we have a video explaining the entire product and how to use it. I also wanted to price it so that it is accessible to everyone so the price point is very low compared to other options that our out on the market. Our product is located here, if anyone has any questions about Door Pal or our company please reach out and we will be here to assist you.

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