Who is Mobility Life?

What Mobility Life Stands For

For the last 13 years Mobility Life has been improving the lives of people with disabilities. We have enabled them to participate in daily activities that no one should have to miss out on for any reason. Because we take so much time to understand our customers and have spent years to understand the equipment available. We are known for our honesty, values, and amazing customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission with our business is to help as many people as we can while providing them with the best equipment and services possible. That is why we are moving forward with development of our website and online store. We want to reach out and help as many people as we can and what better way than a place where 9 out of 10 people can get access to. We want to hear from all of you even if you aren’t a current customer. If you just want the most detailed information about the equipment, we carry or just want to reach out and see how we can help. We are here for you every step of the way when it comes to helping you get the equipment you deserve.   

How Mobility Life Started

Mobility Life was created by Dario Badagliacco, he started as a CNA and wanted to continue to help people in their daily lives. He saw the need of mobility equipment and other medical products to help the same people he took care of. This influenced him to create his own business doing exactly that, helping people.

How Mobility Life is Growing

Dario ran his business until 2022 when Brennan Schmidt was added to his company. This partnership has allowed the growth of Mobility Life to move online. This has created the opportunity to help more and more people who are in need of our services. Because of the move forward online we are continuing our efforts to provide the same service quality service as if you were to visit us in our storefront. 

Please Reach Out

To provide the best service and experience possible please contact us with any questions so that we can provide a stress-free and fulfilling experience. If you want to talk to a real person over the phone we are here. We strive not use a call center and want your experience to be as personable as possible. When you call us you will only talk to experts about our products and you will most likely get to hear from either Dario or Brennan. 

Direct Phone #: 618-305-9035
Direct E-mail: sales@mobilitylifellc.com
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