Goo Gone W2000 24 ct. Clean Up Wipes

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If you need a convenient way to clean up sticky, gummy messes, these Goo Gone W2000 24 ct. clean up wipes are a great choice! Not only are they a fast way to take care of those tough cleaning tasks, they're surface-friendly so you don't need to worry about damage to your space. These versatile wipes are great for cabinets, tile, or painted walls and can remove anything from adhesive, stickers, and ink on walls, to scuff marks and gum on floors. They are even effective on run-of-the-mill grease and grime. Keeping your restaurant clean and tidy is no easy task, but it's an important one. With these wipes, your staff will be able to keep your restaurant's floors free of scuffs and chewing gum or clean up crayon or ink marks from table tops. They're great for use in the hospitality industry, too! Since they're designed to be non-abrasive and gentle, they can be used daily without harming the surface that you are trying to clean up. These wipes are also water based which makes them better for removing water based adhesives compared to the original oil based Goo Gone formula. To use these wipes, first remove the seal on the package by flipping open the canister lid, squeezing the body of the canister, and pulling up firmly to remove the seal. Peel it off and discard. Locate the wipe at the center of the roll and twist it to a point. Thread the first wipe through the opening in the canister lid to begin dispensing. Replace the lid and pull the wipe through. Use these wipes only per the instructions on the label. When you are done cleaning, be sure to close the canister lid securely to prevent loss of moisture.
Quantity 1/Each
Chemical Form Sheet
Made in America Yes
Package Size 24 ct.
Scent Citrus
Type Adhesive Removers

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