Hold My CPAP Hose Blue Jay CPAP Tubing Bedside Holder

Sale price$19.99


An excellent solution for all CPAP users - ingenious yet simple * Prevents 'fighting' 'tug-of-war' and 'neck choking' of the CPAP tubing while sleeping * Helps to prevent CPAP mask leaks as you toss and turn * Top tubing and adjustable arm loop swivels and moves as you move - allowing the user to move around at night without getting tangled in the CPAP hose * Elastic internal cord stretches as the user moves * Length is 40 * Base (5 wide x 8 long) slides between box spring and mattress - installs in seconds no tools required! * Folds flat for easy travel and portability * Lightweight and sturdy * Includes a travel carry pouch *

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