SafetySure Transfer/Pivot Disc 15in

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Medium 15 * The SafetySure Transfer Pivot Disc is designed for use by patients who are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs * Patients with upper body strength can use the SST Transfer Pivot Disc to accomplish independent transfers * In this instance it is recommended that both the patient and the caregiver wear an SST Belt during the transfer process * The use of both the SST Pivot Disc and SST Belt provides maximum safety and support * New improved rubberized non-slip material on the top and bottom of the STT Pivot Disc holds the disc securely in place on any surface.* Selection of disc size shoulb be based on patient foot size stance for stability anf foot placement control * Made of three high quality polymer plates with a built-in handle for ease of carrying * 1174a Product weight 3 Lbs * Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs *

Transfer using a Pivot Disc is a great way for transferring into a mobility scooter and other mobility products. The safetysure pivot disc makes it easy for a caregiver to help patients with daily living tasks. This pivot disc can also be used in physical therapy settings with a caregiver. A pivot disc can be used instead of a transfer board as long as the patient has enough strength or a caregiver is present. A sst belt can be used with a sst pivot disc to help patients transfer to a mobility scooter or power wheelchairsst pivot disc is a daily living aid and transfer device that keeps safety in mind and can help with keeping your upper body strength. Normally a Pivot Disc is used with a helper or caregiver that is trained in mobility products but can also be used as an independent transfers. This is also a great item for bathroom safety, it can be placed in front of a toilet for use in transferring from mobility products to a toilet. If you are looking for a transfer belt those can also be found on our site in related Items. A Transfer Disc is an awesome personal care helper that will allow people with limited mobility to have a smooth transfer from mobility products to other seating such as a toilet or power lift recliner. Individuals that have limited mobility can greatly benefit from transfer devices.

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