Weather Chaps

Size: Pediatric Weather Chaps
Sale price$58.99


  • The ultimate lap and lower body protection. Keeps your legs, feet, and waist, warm and dry.
  • Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth and easy cleaning.
  • Slips over your shoes and/or footrests (pocket), covering your legs like a blanket (width) and fastens with a 1” webbing belt strap around your waist or chair to stay in place.
  • 300-yard reflective tape for visibility.

Pediatric Weather Chaps
30” Long, 27” Wide (Circum.) 14”H x 19”W (pocket)

Adult Weather Chaps
47” Long, 27” Wide (Circum.) 15”H x 20”W (pocket)

Adult X-Wide Weather Chaps
48” Long, 36” Wide (Circum.) 15”H x 28”W (pocket)

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